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18 daily habits for a healthy life

female daily habits

Sometimes we can’t help but envy those women who seem to know what they’re doing in life. They simply seem to have their life, well, together.

While it’s easy to admire these types of women from a distance, it is actually far more achievable than you may think.

Here are 18 daily habits to start incorporating into your day for a healthier, happier you.

1. Take time to de-stress (properly)

find motivation to exercise

Many of us feel stressed, well, pretty much daily. But managing it is a whole new thing! When we ignore these feelings, they can quickly build up, leaving us feeling overwhelmed.

Start making time to de-stress each day, whether it’s a few minutes of peace and quiet to yourself to reflect, a quick journaling session (see more below!) or a bubble bath.

2. Start journaling

In the last few years, journaling has gone a little crazy all over the world. But for good reason. Journaling can be a great way to kickstart your day and set goals for yourself, as well as document how you are feeling and how you want to be feeling.

Grab a fancy (or any old one will do!) notebook and your favorite pen and get journaling. I guarantee you’re going to love it.

3. Really enjoy the food you eat

Whether it’s taking the time to try out a new recipe, or whipping up something quick in the kitchen, paying attention to your food is key here.

No, I don’t mean staring at it while it cooks! But avoiding mindlessly eating.

But what do I mean by ‘mindlessly eating’? Well, think about it this way. When you’re at work, you may do things on autopilot. The same happens when we eat, especially dinner at home. We sit and watch our favorite TV shows while shovelling down our food, which can quickly lead to over-eating and not realising that we’re actually full.

4. Get plenty of rest

Sleep is crucial for our bodies to refresh for the next day! Try to stay off your mobile phone late at night and opt for reading instead, and maybe a herbal tea.

Getting plenty of rest is super important to feel rejuvenated the next day and tackle the day ahead!

5. Reduce your sugar intake

Many of us eat too much sugar… But that doesn’t mean we can’t cut back. Whether it’s too many snacks at work (sorry, ladies), or a few too many coffees, start to reduce your sugar intake.

This will not only benefit any weight loss goals, but will also help you maintain a clearer mind.

6. Stretch often

It’s easy to sit behind a desk for hours on end with only the occasional bathroom break! Which is why it’s so important to stretch regularly. Whether you take up yoga (or pilates) or simply stretch throughout the day, stretching can help to both maintain and improve your flexibility.

7. Make time to exercise

how to stay motivated to exercise

Exercise is super important for both your physical and mental health, but many of us don’t always find the time to exercise. Instead of squeezing in a short workout, try to block out the time to exercise in your diary.

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When you make the time to exercise around your schedule, you’ll feel a lot better that you’re working towards a better you.

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8. Wear sunglasses

Wondering how to keep your skin look radiant? Don’t forget to wear sunglasses and sun block when you’re outside enjoying the sun!

9. Always eat breakfast

Breakfast is easily the most important meal of the day! A nutritious breakfast can set you up for the day ahead and keep you full of energy until lunch.

10. Take more steps

Are you getting in your 10,000 steps? It’s easy to go for hours without moving, especially if you’re working behind a desk. Try to get up frequently, take the stairs instead of the elevator and walk a little further where possible.

Trust me, your body will thank you for it!

11. Drink more water

How much water do you drink each day? It’s recommended we drink at least eight glasses, but many of us opt for soda or coffee instead.

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Not only will water benefit your mind and body, but it’ll also keep your skin looking radiant!

12. Turn off your phone

These days, we’re so obsessed with our mobile phones that they barely leave our side! But it’s important to unplug from the hustle and bustle of social media and constant communication.

Enjoy some time with your phone off (or on do not disturb) so you can truly relax.

13. Read more

female daily habits

Instead of scrolling on social media, opt for a book instead! Not only will it give your eyes a rest from a mobile phone screen, but it’s always a great way to unwind at the end of the day, or relax before bed.

15. Express gratitude each day

Whether it’s taking the time to journal or simply reflect at the end of your day, practicing a little gratitude helps you add some perspective to your life.

16. Plan your tomorrow

It’s time to get organized, ladies! Start your day off right by planning the night ahead. Whether it’s sorting out your breakfast, meal prepping your lunch or putting your clothes out ready for tomorrow, get planning!

17. Create a nightly routine

A nightly routine can be a great way to de-stress and relax at the end of the day. Take off that make up, put up your feet, grab a good book and start journaling, ladies!

18. Meal prep

There is no better feeling than meal prepping your week ahead! A couple hours of batch cooking can save you hours during the week when it comes to organizing your lunch or breakfast meals.

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Plus, you’re much more likely to stick to your healthy eating when a previous you has gotten organized a head of time!

Ready for a new, happier you?

And there we have it! 18 daily habits you can start to incorporate into your life for a healthier, happier you. While it may not be easy to get started with all 18 right away, you can certainly make a start and a huge difference to your daily life.

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Written by PhenGold

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