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Sneaky ways food can lead to weight gain

There are plenty of ways food can somewhat sneak up on us, leading to pesky weight gain. Many of us don’t realise what we’re eating and how much we’re consuming, until we take a moment to review our lifestyle.

Thankfully, there are some things you can tick off your list right away when you want to avoid gaining weight. So, whether you’ve noticed your favorite jeans don’t quite fit how they used to, or you’re looking to lose a few pounds, here’s how to avoid gaining weight.

Consider yourself the Queen of Cardio?

We all know that exercise is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, but did you know that your efforts could be working against you?

While plenty of us first think of cardio as our go-to for weight loss, if you’re looking to avoid gaining weight it’s crucial to add some strength training into the mix. Don’t worry, you’re not going to end up with butch looking arms! Strength training, when mixed with cardio, can maximize your fat burn with something in particular… Afterburn.

Yep! Lifting a little weight will allow you to take advantage of afterburn, which means you’ll continue to burn calories long after your workout has finished, unlike cardio where the only calories you’ll burn will be during exercise.

Weight gaining food via mindless eating

There is such thing as too much of a good thing… This means that overeating “healthy” foods may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Of course, munching down on a piece of fruit here and there isn’t going to affect your calorie intake, but over-consuming some healthy fats could result in it becoming a food that makes you gain weight. Such as avocado!

Although they’re packed with healthy fats, avocados contain around 250 calories per whole, medium avocado. So don’t go overdoing it!

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Nevertheless, we’re not here to tell you about eating too many avocados, however. We’re talking about mindless eating – or distraction eating. Yep, I’m looking at you TV snackers! While many of us eat dinner in front of the TV, eating while distracted (aka, glued to your favorite series) can cause you to overeat, ignoring signals that your body is full.

Eating more mindfully

So, how do you eat more mindfully? Start by taking the time out of your day to enjoy your meals. Don’t rush them on your lunch break, or scoff while sitting at your desk or watching TV. Try to pay attention to the food in front of you and enjoy the flavors!

By putting your fork down between bites, you’ll give your body a chance to recognise the food you’re eating, telling you when you’re full – therefore avoiding overeating.

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Avoid gaining weight with portion control

It’s often our portions that lead to weight gain! We can be great at keep tracking of the food we’re eating, but the food that makes you gain weight is due to how much you’re consuming.

Yep, ladies, piling your plate high at meal times can certainly damage your weight loss efforts. So, if you’re looking for ways to avoid gaining weight, pay close attention to your portion control.

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One great way to ensure you’re not going overboard and turning your healthy foods into the type of food that makes you gain weight is batch cooking! By preparing your meals in advance and separating them out into equal containers, you can really see how far a meal can go – helping you stay on track with your calorie intake.

Going overboard on nut butter

Speaking of portion control… When it comes to weight gaining food, overdoing the nut butter can quickly make those calories rack up. Almond butter is an easy dose of protein and a great addition to smoothies, but when one spoonful turns into five…

That’s when your goal of avoiding weight gain can quickly go the other way!

Get your macronutrients right

A woman’s recommended daily intake of protein (according to the CDC) is 46 grams.

However, when you ignore your macronutrient split – made up of fats, protein and carbs – consuming too much protein can sabotage your need to avoid gaining weight. While getting a solid dose of protein will certainly keep you feeling full and energized through your workouts, too much protein could be impacting your weight loss goals.

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When you’re trying to smash your weight loss goals (you’ve got this!), try to aim for a healthy balance of carbs, protein and healthy fats.

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Written by PhenGold

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