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Best foods for maximizing weight loss this fall

Ah, fall, the most wonderful season! While the temperature seems to be cooling down, we’re all cozy at home with warm (almost!) wintery meals – which means, a fall diet isn’t usually on the cards.

However, being at home more as it starts to get a little colder isn’t a bad thing. Nor does it have to sabotage your fall weight loss goals.

So, what are the best foods for fall? To support your weight loss journey? Don’t worry, we’re about to tell you everything you need to know!

Smashing your fall weight loss

fall weight loss

We all wonder why weight loss can be so damn slow sometimes. But when it comes to fall season, it can be difficult to get yourself motivated! This is where home workouts come in, since you don’t even need to leave the house!

But what about your fall diet? What should you be eating? Well, here’s some good fall foods to get you started.


The perfect meal for those cooler and cozy evenings, chilli is easily one of the best fall foods that can still contribute towards your fall weight loss.

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While chili may not usually be your immediate go-to during fall season, if you pack it with plenty of vegetables, beans and some lean meat, you’ll easily stick to your fall diet plan!

These types of foods for fall keep you feeling full for a lengthier period, so you’ll feel less drawn towards those pesky snacks. Be sure to use plenty of veg, beans and lentils.


Is it even really fall without pumpkins? Definitely not. While many of us ignore the benefits of eating pumpkin, in its whole form it can certainly benefit your fall weight loss strategy.

Its high fiber content will keep you feeling full between meals, which is where your calories can otherwise quickly be filled with sugary snacks! Meanwhile, pumpkin’s vitamin A content also acts as an important antioxidant.

Half a cup of pumpkin alone equates to approximately 3.6 grams of fiber! So you’d be crazy not to take advantage of pumpkin during your fall diet. Not sure how to get it into your diet? Try adding canned pumpkin to your morning smoothie.

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Sweet potato

Similar to the perfect fall pumpkin, sweet potatoes make for great cozy fall meals! A common alternative for those wanting to reduce white potato, sweet potato is considered a complex carb. Complex carbs pack more nutrients than their simple counterpart, digesting more slowly to keep you feeling full.

Alongside this, sweet potatoes are also high in fiber, making them a key food in your fall weight loss journey.

Whether you eat them roasted, mashed or used in soup, sweet potatoes are one of the best foods for fall around!


Both an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, pomegranate always crops up on every list of best fall foods! While usually, we seek foods that keep us feeling stuffed until dinner, pomegranate is more about supporting your fall weight loss, than being a key ingredient in your favorite meals.

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Since they have a positive impact on your gut health, looking after your overall wellbeing will definitely boost your fall weight loss efforts. Try adding them to oatmeal, smoothies or even sprinkling them on a salad.


The perfect start to those slightly cooler mornings! Oatmeal is a must on any best fall foods list. Both warm and delicious, oatmeal can help support your fall weight loss since it is high in fiber – meaning you’ll be feeling stuffed until lunch!

Focusing on an all-round healthy approach to foods for fall will keep you on track for smashing your weight loss goals. It’s not all about counting every little calorie!


good fall foods

Full of fiber, water and phytonutrients, apples are easily one of our favorite foods for fall. With research showing that those of us that eat certain fruits (including apples!) lose weight without making crazy diet changes.

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Much like our favorite foods for fall, apples are also high in fiber, so you’ll feel less snackish between meals. Get ready to pack your fall weight loss plan with them!

Brussels sprouts

best fall foods

While many of us only eat brussels sprouts at Christmas, they can definitely be enjoyed during your fall diet. A part of the cruciferous vegetable family – which includes cauliflower, kale, cabbage and broccoli – brussels sprouts help lower inflammation, making them a top contender on our list of foods for fall.

While they may not be the key to your fall weight loss, their ability to fight off inflammation can support your weight loss efforts.

Ready to hit your fall diet goals?

As we step into fall season, it can be a little difficult getting motivated, especially when the evenings draw darker and the temperature cools. However, that doesn’t mean your fall weight loss plan has to be put on hold!

With our best foods for fall, you can certainly stay on track.

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