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Here’s how to keep junk food cravings at bay

At some point in our lives, we all get a little caught up with unhealthy eating… The odd takeout here, candy there… You can see how it happens.

What usually happens is that we hit a point where it’s time to make a change! So when you’ve decided to kick junk food to the curb, how should you go about keeping those cravings at bay?

Well, you needn’t worry! We’ve all been there, ladies. Here are our top 10 tips to fight off those cravings and smash your goals.

Manage the foods that tempt you

We’re all a little guilty of having snacks on hand at any time… Especially when they’re within easy reach while you work. When these snacks are within an arm’s reach away, of course, it’s going to be difficult to keep those cravings at bay.

In this case, try to limit your snacks in the house (and at work), and opt for treats that are easier to eat a few of and put away.

Don’t skip meals

cheese and weight loss

We all make this mistake at some point! In order to cut down on our calorie intake, we get tempted into skipping meals… This isn’t the way to go, ladies.

Instead, try to kick off your day with a healthy breakfast, followed by a lunch and dinner that keeps you feeling full. Remember, you CAN have snacks, but we’re not talking about a bag of candy…

Know the difference between hunger and ‘cravings’

It’s easy to mistake that junk food craving feeling for real hunger. If you’re hungry and it’s not close to mealtime, you should eat something to ward off those hunger pangs.

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But, if it’s your brain tricking you into wanting ‘something sweet…’ here’s how to bust those cravings and kick junk food to the curb for good.

Stay hydrated with water or a low-calorie drink

If you always feel as though you’re hungry, you could be mistaking those feeling for dehydration! Often when we reach for those pesky snacks, we’re actually thirsty.

As well as helping you determine if you’re really hungry, drinking plenty of water can also satisfy those cravings – while also delivering a number of other health benefits.

Bored of water? No problem, opt for a low-calorie drink, or try adding some fruit for added flavor.

Get some exercise

As well as helping you hit your weight loss goals, exercise can be a great distraction for when you’re craving that junk food!

Plus, getting outside in the fresh air can also benefit your mental health. As well as serving as a distraction, physical activity could help reduce any stress that is driving your cravings.

Get plenty of sleep

According to the CDC, adults should aim for at least seven hours of sleep a night, but over a third of us aren’t getting enough rest.

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When you’re tired and feeling sluggish, it’s no surprise you’re starting to crave junk food! However, when you’re well-rested, it is far easier to keep those cravings at bay.

Keep on top of your stress levels

female daily habits

Both stress and tiredness are the key culprits for making us want to eat a lot of junk!

When we’re feeling stressed and fatigued, it can become easy to scoff the nearest take out, or feel uninspired to cook a healthy meal at home. If you’re finding that stress is taking over your life, which plays out in junk food cravings, and you’re not able to distract yourself, consider seeing a dietician or nutritionist for some support.

Call a friend

When we’re tempted by unhealthy foods, we often just need a distraction! Whether it’s calling a friend or chatting away to a family member, sitting at home alone will simply make you contemplate the nearest take out!

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Try to speak to a friend or family member that’s on a mission to lose weight or get fit too, and hold one another accountable. Then, the next time you can feel a craving kicking in, jump on the phone and talk it out!

Plus, it’s always encouraging to have someone cheering you on and supporting your goals to eat healthier!

Chew some gum

A stick of chewing gum or a piece of hard candy isn’t very high in calories, and the little bit of flavor might be all you need to get past your craving for something sweet.

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Written by PhenGold

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