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The best workout for busy women

We all have such busy lives these days that fitting in time to workout feels impossible.

Things seem to get in the way and our time for exercise is used for other tasks.

Don’t panic though ladies, things are changing. There is no need to spend endless hours working out in the gym to reach your goals, this is something that many people have fallen for.

If we could give you an intensive workout routine that burns fat and boosts weight loss, you’d probably think you’re dreaming.

Don’t believe me? Studies have shown that a fast, intensive workout routine trumps against slow moderately-intense exercise.

As you ready yourself for these quickest results workouts, get into the mindset to go hard or go home! Before we jump straight into the sweaty stuff, let’s find out what highly intense workouts have such great results.

Intensive workout routines: the reason HIIT works

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) isn’t some brand new workout craze. It has been around for some time and is loved and countlessly repeated.

Not only does it rocket your metabolism and kick your fitness level up a notch, but HIIT workouts can also have some serious effects on calorie burn.

This type of intense workout routine can build your strength, efficiency of burning calories and cardiovascular strength. Whilst we might be tired of becoming breathless after climbing stairs and want to look our best, exercise is more than just burning calories.

No matter how little time you have, exercising regularly is great for your metabolism and overall health. Fitting our fast results workout into your busy schedule is about to get so much easier.

The exercises themselves are very demanding which is why they’re so effective in burning fat. Sorry ladies, we did say this was going to be easy! Intensive exercise really does work; it boosts your metabolism and encourages more calorie burn even after you finish your workout. According to studies, you can achieve the same benefits from cardio and strength training in potentially half the time.

Preparing yourself for a quick results workout

We’ll say it again, HIIT workouts are hard work. It involves intensive exercises over a short period of time, with little rest periods before getting straight back to it.

Whilst HIIT is frequently considered a quick results workout, it’s not something to be taken lightly. We love to encourage you and say to work pretty damn hard, but you need to start at a pace that is comfortable for you and your current fitness level.

At the start of this journey, you may find that you cannot finish our intense workout routine at a fast pace. If you’re a beginner, start off slowly and ease yourself into it

If you were to jump right in and not follow the correct technique, you run the risk of injuring yourself. Don’t feel let down by starting off slowly, use this to your advantage and spend time sussing it out and build on.

If you’re a fit person who exercises on a regular basis, we would still recommend easing into this HIIT workout routine. Pick a selection of the exercises below and then slowly increase the length of the interval and shorten the rest break as your fitness level improves.

We’ve created the best workout for fast results, so you can achieve your fitness goals and easily fit exercise into your life.


Really want to feel the burn? Planks aren’t full of movement and may not feel like an intense exercise, but trust us, you’ll feel it.

A great exercise to strengthen your upper body and core, a must for those looking for a fast results workout.

The move:

Begin by laying on your front on the floor, elbows under your hands, hands flat to the floor and your core engaged. Keep your forearms and knees on the floor and slowly raise yourself up until your body is straight – your weight spread across your forearms and toes.

Hold that position for as long as you can before lowering yourself back to the start.

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Don’t forget to squeeze those glutes!


An exercise that works to build strength in your chest, shoulders, arms, abdomen, hips, legs and butt.

Burpees are definitely a contender in our fast results workout.

The move:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, keep your weight on your heels and your arms by your sides. Bend your knees and push your hips back as your lower into a squat. Next, put your hands on the floor in front of you, just inside your feet.

Shift the weight from your heels onto your hands and jump your feet out behind you landing on the balls of your feet like a plank. To get back to the start, jump your feet back to your hands, reach your arms up above your head and force your whole body upwards.

Up-down plank

Let’s ramp up the plank and take it a step further.

The move:

Begin in a high plank, your arms straight, elbows below your shoulders and your hands below your elbows. Bend one of your arms to bring your forearm and elbow to the floor. Do the same with the other arm so you’re now in a forearm plank. Then with the arm you started with, push yourself back up into a high plank. To continue, alternate the first side down with each rep.

Jump rope

Wanting a fast results workout you can squeeze into your lunch break?

Get yourself a jump rope and you’re ready. It’s hardly surprising that this workout is on here, it’s always seen in intensive workout routines.

The move:

Grab your jump rope, or imitate the action if you don’t have one. Rotate your wrists to turn the rope, engage your core and jump.


The perfect workout to work your lower body and that all important core. Squats are key in your intense workout routine.

The move:

Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-width and keep your toes forward. Push your hips backwards as if you’re going to sit in a chair and drive your arms forward.

Lower yourself down until your knees are at a 90-degree angle and keep your back straight. Once at the bottom of the movement, hold it for a few seconds, squeeze your glutes and push yourself back up to the start.

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Advice: A mistake commonly made with squats is allowing your knees to come together. To prevent this from happening, ensure to push your knees outward or if you’d like to, use a resistance band.

Broad jumps

This is a popular workout amongst us so it’s hardly shocking to see it on the best workout for fast results list. Get yourself ready to build strength and power in your lower body.

The move:

To begin, stand with your feet-shoulder width part. Swing your arms back behind you, bend your knees and force your hips back. As you bring your arms forward, push your feet into the ground and your hips forward then leap forward off the ground.

Jump lunges

Now this will well and truly leave you feeling it. If you’re wanting a quick results workout that will fit into your weekly schedule.

The move:

Begin by taking the form of a standard forward lunge with your feet hip-width apart. Next, take a big step forward and lower yourself until your knees are at a 90-degree angle. Ensure you keep your torso straight.

From here, push yourself off the ground and whilst in the air, switch legs so you can drop into your next lunge with your other leg.

Again, another workout that you can do pretty much anywhere.

Make sure you land this move as softly as you can to avoid losing your balance or injuring yourself.

High knees

This intensive exercise is guaranteed to get your heart racing as well as increase strength in your core and upper body. Not only that but it can improve your endurance and hip mobility too.

The move:

Start with your feet hip-width apart and lift one of your knees to your chest. Then switch and put your other leg up to your chest. Continue alternating legs at a sprinting or running pace.

Mountain climbers

An intense workout that’ll work your quads, hamstrings, triceps, shoulder and core. This full body workout is great for burning fat, increasing strength and stability and improving your fitness level.

The move:

Get on the floor and into position as if you were going to do a push up. Keep your hands in line with your shoulders, don’t let them slide forwards. Bring your knee up to your chest and then switch legs in quick succession. Try to avoid letting your butt sag down or rise up, keep your back and butt level.

Drop squats

The intensive exercise is not something to be sniffed at, it’s going to make your legs ache like hell.

The move:

Stand with your hands out in front of you and your feet shoulder-width apart. As you jump your feet out wider, let your hips sink towards the ground. Pause at the bottom of the squat, tap the floor with alternate hands, push back to the start.

Then repeat!

Bear crawls

A great exercise to work your shoulders, quads and your entire core too! It’s not surprising that this is on our list of best workouts for fast results.

The move:

Start on all fours, back flat and head in line with your spine. Keep your core engaged and your hands under your shoulders. Push up onto your toes and hands and lift your knees off the ground slightly.

Then crawl like a bear, keeping your spine flat and your butt down.

Reverse lunges to knee drives

An exercise that in just a short amount of time can work your entire lower body and is great for improving your strength.

The move:

Put one of your feet back to get into a reverse lunge. Next, push through the movement by driving your back knee forward so you’re in a standing position and your leg is at a 90-degree angle.

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Add in a jump when you’re at the top of the moment and use your arms to balance yourself.

Plank jacks

Why not add a little cardio into this quick results workout.

The move:

Begin in a plank position with your arms extended, hands in line with your shoulders and your feet together. From head to toe, your form should be a straight line.

Engage your core to prevent any injury to your lower back, jump both feet out wide to the sides, as if you’re doing a jumping jack horizontally.

Ready to smash your fitness goals?

These intensive exercises should make it far easier to hit your fitness goals while living a busy life!

When paired with a healthy diet, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your body goals.

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