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10 cocktails that you can drink on a diet

Cocktails are renowned for harbouring secret sugar, through the choice of alcohol, syrups, sodas and other mixers. But thankfully, low calorie cocktails do exist.

There’s no need to sabotage your diet plan, or your fun this Christmas!

Whether you’re having a girly night in or hitting the latest bar for some social distanced drinks, there are lots of low cal cocktails around that you can drink on your diet – without ruining your weight loss goals.

But… Do these low calorie mixers taste like crap? Nope! Do diet mixed drinks even exist? Of course they do!

Here are 10 low calorie cocktails you can enjoy while on a diet.

1. Mojito

Calorie count: 150

Although Mojitos can be pretty sweet, if you halve or cut out the simple syrup altogether, you’re well on your way to a low calorie cocktail!

With naturally low calorie mixers – mint, lime and sofa water help to keep this delicious cocktail low calorie and great for dieters.

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There’s no need to ruin your weight loss with this delicious low cal cocktail!

2. Tequila and soda

Calorie count: 100

A go-to low calorie cocktail for those keeping an eye on their calorie intake, a simple tequila and low calorie mixer (soda) makes for a refreshing drink!

Add a little fruit for some extra natural sweetness, so you can enjoy this diet cocktail without ruining your weight loss goals.

3. Mulled wine

Calorie count: 115

This delicious low calorie cocktail isn’t just for the holidays! A refreshing treat all year round, there’s no need to go overboard with mixers and syrups.

It’s time to crack out the diet mixed drinks for a great day with friends, all without damaging your diet!

4. Champagne

Calorie count: 95

Do we ever really need an excuse to pop a bottle of champagne? Of course not! As Christmas is quickly approaching, finding the best low calories cocktails while you diet doesn’t have to be tricky.

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With champagne and sparkling wine typically served in smaller measures, it is also low in sugar – making it perfect for those with their eyes on their weight loss goals!

5. Vodka and orange juice

Calorie count: 190

As well as giving you a good dose of vitamin C, vodka and orange juice combines low calorie alcohol with a low calorie mixer!

It comes as no surprise that vodka and OJ remains a classic low calorie cocktail, helping you to stay on track with your diet at the same time!

6. Vodka and soda

Calorie count: 100

Since soda is such a low calorie mixer, when combined with vodka it makes for the perfect low calorie mixed drink!

A wonderfully refreshing low cal cocktail, why not add your favorite fruit or a slice of cucumber for an extra burst of flavor!

At around 100 calories, this low calorie cocktail means you can keep to your diet plan with ease.

7. Mudslide

Calorie count: 184

A Mudslide is one of the best low calorie cocktails, especially if you have a bit of a sweet tooth!

Although its calorific counterpart is often seen in places like TGIs, a Mudslide can actually be made into a low calorie cocktail pretty easily.

If you’re drinking out, opt for a slightly different recipe, or make your own using the following: 1 ounce Kahlua, 1.5 ounces Irish cream liqueur and 1 ounce vodka.

While its calorie content is quite close to a vodka and orange juice, a Mudslide is a great diet cocktail that doesn’t feel like you’re on a diet!

8. Bloody Mary

Calorie count: 118

Looking for the best low calorie cocktail? We’ve got just the thing…

There’s no need to confine a Bloody Mary for brunch, as it makes a great diet cocktail at any time of day! Well, maybe not in the morning, ladies!

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With low calorie mixers (tomato juice) and low calorie vodka, there’s no need to ruin your diet with this low cal cocktail!

9. Gin and tonic

Calorie count: 103

When it comes to the most refreshing low calorie cocktails, gin and tonic is right up there!

Coming at just over 100 calories, you’ll hardly notice its impact on your diet. If you want to mix it up a little with a flavored gin, just be sure to keep an eye on the amount of sugar that may bring.

Either way, a simple gin and tonic is both delicious and a great diet cocktail, so you can have fun and keep to your diet plan.

10. Dairy free egg nog

Calorie count: 144

Avoid the calories related to dairy and enjoy this low calorie dairy free cocktail this Christmas!

Keep an eye on the ingredients used (if you’re making it yourself), or opt for low calorie mixers when drinking out. To make this low cal cocktail, you’re going to need: Unsweetened almond milk, egg whites, honey, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and bourbon whiskey.

It’s time to hit those goals!

Don’t let your diet get in the way of enjoying some cocktails this Christmas! Our low cal cocktail options make drinks out with friends totally guilt-free, so you can get the body you strive for and have fun.

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