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5 fitness tips for women

Right ladies, we’re well acquainted with the physical and mental benefits of regular exercise!

However, it can still often be the case that you’re doing all the right things such as eating healthily and getting enough exercise, but have trouble visibly seeing the results.

We have an awful lot going on in our lives and it is difficult to scramble enough time to look after yourself properly. The pandemic and various lockdowns has made it difficult to attend our exercise classes and joint workouts, messing up our exercise routine.

Naturally, we all want to see the changes in our body! There is nothing better than seeing all our hard efforts pay off. Saying that, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but you will get there!

Following the wrong workouts may result in gaining muscle that you never wanted in the first place, this is because fitness for women isn’t the same as male workouts.

Let’s maximize your workouts and achieve those body goals with these 5 fitness tips.

1. Set sensible targets

One of the best pieces of advice we can give for women’s fitness has to be goal setting.

When it comes to reaching your targets and exercising, mindset is everything. We would all love the weight to fall off us overnight – sadly this is not reality. Creating achievable targets and understanding the time it takes to achieve your goal weight can be helpful to manage those goals.

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Consistency within your workouts is crucial for achieving your targets and having a sensible timeline in place to make it doable. We know that weight loss can be a long journey, but with high intensity workouts and a healthy diet, you’ll be there in no time!

You may find in the beginning, due to the shock of introducing such intense exercise, that you lose more weight in the first few weeks. You’ve got this, ladies, just keep going!

2. Drink plenty

It’s no news that drinking plenty of water is vital for our health but it also benefits your mind, body and skin too. Keeping hydrated can help you stay focused, boost your stamina and improve your energy levels.

In relation to women’s fitness tips and if losing weight is your body goal, you can burn some extra calories by drinking iced water. This is due to the temperature change, requiring our body to warm up to counteract this.

Rather than drinking your calories and reaching for cups of coffee and sodas, drink lots of water instead. Most sodas and energy drinks that claim to give you a boost for workouts, are actually packed with hidden sugars. Not at all helpful when you’re wanting to lose weight.

During really intense workouts, we get sweaty. Make sure you’re drinking water during and especially after your workouts to replace what you’ve lost in sweat!

3. Fitness for women: Do a variety of workouts

Fitness tip for women, number three! Doing the same workouts over and over again can begin to feel tiresome and tedious, this can make us fall out of love with our body goals. To keep your body and mind engaged, try doing a mixture of weight training and cardio. You won’t become bulky, don’t panic!

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Using small weights will help you tone up and burn calories, the best of both worlds. As we know that intense cardio is one of the best ways to burn fat, doing some weight training can help you burn even more as it continues to burn calories even after you’ve finished your workout.

There are so many bodyweight exercises around, it can be hard knowing what to follow. Or why not try a body recomp? Which is one great way to look and feel awesome! It helps you lose fat, tone up and gain a little muscle.

In no way does fitness for women have to feel mundane and boring, all you need is a little imagination! So, do a variety of workouts, buy yourself some resistance bands and grab your favorite gym pants to help yourself stay on track.

You can do this!

4. Fitness tips: Track what you’re eating

Whilst going to the gym or working out at home is awesome, to achieve those body goals, you need to be eating healthily too. We all know the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ and it is completely true, fuel yourself with all the foods our bodies need and it’ll make you feel amazing!

There are so many women’s fitness tips on the Internet, but eating a healthy diet is far more effective than relying on crappy workouts. Keep track of what you’re eating and your calorie intake by writing it down or using a food tracker on your phone.

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To fuel our workouts, our bodies need lots of nutrients. Processed and heavy foods make you feel full at the time and won’t give us enough energy. Have yourself a varied, healthy diet full of protein instead.

Maximise your workouts and check out this post on what to eat before a workout.

5. Consistency: the key to female fitness

Stay on the path to success by sticking to your goals! Consistent exercise combined with a healthy diet will not only get you into a routine, but help you in reaching your target quicker.

To avoid injury and keep yourself nimble, add regular stretching to the end of your workouts. The combination of consistent exercise and some strength training will help you tone up as well as shed the pounds.

One of the most important fitness tips for women is always: Consistency. Exercising regularly, as well as regular stretching, eating healthily, keeping hydrated and getting good sleep.

Ladies, you are so close to your body goals! Get on the right track to success by following these simple women’s fitness tips.

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