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13 tips for losing weight that have been proven by science

We’ve all been there right, ladies, you’re on a diet and you just want to eat everything in sight?

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, kick off a new healthy routine or just trying to curb those cravings, it can be challenging to resist when your stomach is growling.

Typically, hunger is a signal from your body that you need energy or you’re craving a specific flavor. To help you navigate hunger and when to battle through those hunger pangs, we’ve put together our top 13 scientifically proven tips for losing weight.

Drink lots of water

motivation to exercise

There has been some evidence that suggests drinking water might suppress your appetite and promote weight loss for some people. Plus, as well as weight-loss benefits, drinking lots of water is excellent for your energy levels, sleep, skin, and general health. Make sure you’re drinking enough water, ladies!

Choose fiber-rich foods

Eating a fiber-rich diet can help you lose weight by decreasing your hunger and therefore help you eat fewer calories. Eating these types of foods slows down your digestion, tells your body you’re full and therefore releases fullness hormones that increase your food satisfaction and regulate your appetite.

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Plus, fiber-rich foods often have other nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. So, choosing a diet full of fruits, veggies, beans, seeds, and nuts can also be excellent for your long-term health benefits! In addition, pairing fiber-rich foods with protein could increase the benefits to feeling full and satisfied.

Eat solid foods

According to a recent study, eating solid foods, as well as those thicker in texture can significantly reduce hunger compared to eating watery and liquid foods, like soups and broths.

Another study revealed that those who ate foods with a more complex texture ate substantially less during a meal than those who didn’t. This is thought to be due to solid foods requiring more chewing, which might give your brain more time to realize that you’re full. Plus, soft foods that are quick and easy to eat might be easier to eat without thinking.

Eat enough protein

There are many reasons to get enough protein into your diet, but it can also aid in weight loss by keeping you feeling full! Even veggie proteins such as beans and peas could help you feel full and satisfied. Ensuring at least 20-30% of your total calorie intake is from protein can be enough to help you enjoy those feelings of fullness.

Eat mindfully

When you’re eating too quickly or eating whilst you’re distracted, it can make it difficult for your body to tell your body that you’re full. So, instead, remove any distractions and focus fully on the food you’re eating.

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Plus, when you feel really hungry, it’s easy to eat your food without even thinking about what you’re eating. By slowing down the pace at which you’re eating, you could avoid overeating.

Exercise regularly

motivation to exercise

It sounds counterproductive because once you’ve worked out, you’re probably going to need an energy top-up. But exercise is actually believed to reduce cravings and reduce your hunger hormones whilst making you feel fuller.

Get your beauty sleep

We know, with our busy lives, this is much easier said than done, but actually, when you’re not getting enough sleep, it can increase food cravings. According to the CDC, most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep a night, so make sure you’re getting in those zzz’s, ladies!

Manage your stress levels

Easier said than done, right? But excess stress actually increases your cortisol levels. Although the impact of cortisol varies from one person to another, high levels of cortisol are generally thought to cause things like food cravings and increased appetite.

Eat a small piece of ginger

Bear with us ladies, we know this sounds weird, but ginger has lots of health benefits thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Recent research also shows that it may help to reduce feelings of hunger. However, more research is needed for conclusive findings.

Choose a smaller plate

Have you ever been told that eating from a smaller plate or using a specific spoon or fork could help you eat less? Well, according to a recent study, it’s true!

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Reducing the size of your dinnerware could help you reduce your meal portions and consume less, as when you have a larger plate, you’re more likely to eat more without realizing.

Eat healthy snacks

Are you a snacker? Or devoted to three meals a day? How people feel about snacks is very personal. However, if you’re having difficulties staying satisfied during the day, then some intentional and healthy snacking could help.

To keep yourself feeling full and satisfied, choose snacks that are high in fiber, protein, complex carbs or healthy fats. So, for example, high protein yogurt would be a great snack for keeping you full and satisfied until your next meal.

Don’t deprive yourself

It’s all about moderation, and for most people, it’s not necessary to completely ban yourself from eating your favorite foods. So, if you’re craving a specific food, try eating a little bit to see if it helps to ease the craving. Don’t beat yourself if you’re really struggling with cravings, some people experience more intense cravings than others.

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You’ve got this, ladies! And we know that armed with these top tips for losing weight, you’ll be well on your way to smashing your goals in no time! But if you need a little help in supporting your weight loss goals, PhenGold is always here to help you achieve your goals faster!



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