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Had a bad workout? Here’s what to do about it.

beat crappy workout

There’s nothing worse than dragging your butt to the gym, only to leave feeling a little, well, deflated. Sometimes, you walk in feeling pumped and ready to go, only to feel as though your workout was more ‘meh!’ than ‘hell yeah!’.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Every lift feels like you’ve got (quite literally) the weight of the world on your shoulders. And you just wanna go home and slob it out.

Nevertheless, it’s time to put that crappy workout behind you! Here’s how to pull yourself outta that slump and get back to feeling your best.

First, recognise why

beat boredom at gym

Sometimes, life just gets in the way. It could be hormonal fluctuations, changes in your diet, sleep factors, who knows, but it happens, and it’s totally normal.

Naturally, your body is going to respond to these changes. This also means that it doesn’t always go in your favor, too. Sometimes you’ll wake up super pumped and ready to smash the gym, and well, sometimes you just won’t.

The thing is, while some of these factors may be out of your control, there is something you can do: Your best. Try give your all, and if sometimes that’s 70% and sometimes it’s 100%, that’s totally fine.

Now, aside from giving it your all, what else can you do to fight back against those bad workout days?

1. Set a daily intention without expectations

It’s easy to feel as though we’ve ‘failed’ when we haven’t hit our goals. So, the easiest way around that is to avoid thinking of your day filled with goals, and instead, set intentions. Setting intentions allows us to keep open and adaptable.

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Don’t be afraid to write down your daily intention on a piece of paper and keep it with you. Throughout the day, you can refer back to it to help center you. If your daily intention is to give your absolute best, you’re totally gonna nail it.

2. Reach out to a friend you trust

talk to a friend bored at gym

We all need great people around us. When it feels like you’re trying your best and yet your workout still feels a bit crappy, try reaching out to a trusted friend.

Speaking to someone who understands how you’re feeling can really help you to talk through things and realise that you really are doing your best. Look for the friend that invigorates you and leaves you feeling empowered!

3. Find a workout buddy

We all have our down days, when the last thing we wanna do is work out. But having a friend to exercise with and hold accountable can really help us stay motivated.

Be sure to ask a friend that is understanding, so when you’re both not feeling super motivated, you can set intentions together and still realise your potential!

4. Practice gratitude

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking negatively about some aspects in our lives, including fitness! Gratitude is so damn powerful, though, that by practicing we can train our brains to seek out the positives instead.

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An easy way to start is by keeping a journal, or even creating an Instagram account tailored toward your intentions. You can then use this as a place to highlight your grateful thoughts, so you can process those not so good days and still feel productive.

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