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Have you got hip dips?

We’ve gotta discuss hip dips. Ladies, if you’re sitting there with no idea what I mean by hip dips, I’m about to tell you all about them. Hip dips is the term given to the curve below your hips and above your thighs. It seems to be the body part that people across the internet are making us feel bad about recently. Isn’t that just charming?

According to search engine giant, Google, around 40,000 people a month search the term hip dips. But whatever for? Unsurprisingly, this is mostly because of social media and is being seen as one of many of those non-problem problems we’ve all seen before; such as not having lower back dimples or a thigh gap. We’ll just add it to the neverending list of things that women are shamed for in such a toxic environment of body shaming.

If you’ve found yourself searching to find out what hip dips are or how to get rid of them, then you are most definitely not alone. Additionally, you’re also now in the right place as we’re going to tell you all about them.

Hang on a second though, before you go changing your whole life and workout routine, let’s find out some more about what hip dips are, why we have them and everything in between.

Hip dips: what are they?

Basically, they are a natural inward curve between your hip and thigh. Hear that, ladies, a natural curve!

Are love handles the same as hip dips?

Why we have these strange names for these body parts is a mystery. But anyway, no, hips dips and love handles aren’t the same. ‘Love handles’ are a name for the fat on the sides of our abdomen. Now, this can be linked to genetics, which has the ability to dictate the body stores fat, and isn’t a part of our body’s bone structure.

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Are they good or bad?

For some reason, we’ve been led to believe that hip dips, or a lack of them, determine how healthy you are. Well, the truth is, it doesn’t!

However, your hips may look very different from someone else’s, because of the many different pelvis shapes. However, this does not make them wrong or something that needs to be fixed.

Why do we have them?

As we’ve just mentioned, It’s due to the shape of our pelvis. So, even though we’re not able to see everyone’s hip dips, if we were all just a skeleton, you’d see an indentation where the hip bone meets the top of the thigh. It is a completely normal part of our body structure, and nothing to be concerned about.

Are hip dips normal then?

So, we now know that hip dips do not define how healthy or unhealthy someone is. However, they can be more noticeable if you’re someone that has a higher level of body fat or muscle mass. Whilst we all have the ability to change the way we look through diet and exercise, we cannot change our bone structure.

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If you find yourself scrolling through the internet and see videos and articles with the promise of ‘losing your hip dips in a week’ and so on… then keep scrolling, ladies, it’s just clickbait.

Should I worry about my hip dips?

Absolutely under no circumstances should you be getting hung up about hip dips, or any other body part as a matter of fact. Obsessing over a body part can be very damaging to our physical and mental health.

Can you get rid of hip dips?

Ladies, it is really important for you to remember that there is absolutely nothing wrong with your hip dips if you have them. However, we also have to tell you that whatever you try, you can’t make them go away. You can exercise, do strength training sessions and build muscle mass as well as lose body fat to maybe reduce their appearance. But they’re bone, so they’re here to stay.

Our conclusion

There you have it, ladies, that’s basically all you need to know about hip dips. In short, we all have them, some are more prominent than others and we can’t make them disappear.

In saying that though, we did mention something about strength training earlier. Workouts like strength training including exercises such as squats and lunges will strengthen your lower body, tone your muscles and help to build muscle mass. In doing so, you may reduce the appearance of your hip dips.

Just to also note that if you can’t see your hip dips, there is nothing wrong with you either, so stop worrying yourself.

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